Monday, 28 January 2008

Tudor Gable Hood

I'm in the process of making a gable hood for a Tudor guide at Speke Hall. It's a very interesting structure, but I have difficulty with finding any period-looking fabrics, so I'm doing a bit of DIY: the lappets are a piece of cream coloured dupion silk with a wide gold trellis ribbon stitched on. This is the back as seen in Holbein's drawing. This is an excellent website for research and construction:

The back of the base. I used plastic canvas to make the box as buckram is hard to get.

The front lappets are made out of a bit of pelmet interfacing with wire stitched around the edges.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Freeform capelet

This miserable English winter made me turn to bright colours. I ordered some beautiful wool from wollfactory in Germany. It's Zitron Loft Color in a gorgeous shade of orange changing to purple. Inspired by the IFF coral reef project I made this coral capelet.